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Fall Update

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting cooler. All of our flowers are done for the season, and the dahlias will soon be dug up and put to sleep for the winter. Our days are filed with cleaning up the fields, planting cover crops, and putting away all the things that we take out to make the farm grow all year. It takes longer than you expect to put a farm to bed for the season! We are still picking leafy greens from the field and the greenhouse. Our hens are still laying eggs, only fewer now with the lack of daylight.

The Salem and Swampscott markets have closed for the season, and we wanted to thank all the customers who continue to support those markets each week, year after year. We also want to thank the committees nd market managers that make the markets appear each spring, in good times, and in pandemic times.

You can still find us at the Marblehead Farmers Markets on Saturday from 9-noon until the week before Thanksgiving.

We will begin home delivery again on Monday November 22nd.

Our farmstand is open at 866 Main Street In West Newbury! The farmstand is on the honor system and open 24 hours a day. We accept cash, check, and Venmo. We have our own pasture raised eggs, leafy greens and lettuce, and winter squash. We will continue to run the stand throughout the winter, although our offerings will soon shrink to eggs only.

Thank you for a great year, and allowing us to keep growing!

Alice & Chris 

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