Our pasture raised eggs are a staple here at Grant Family Farm. It started out with ten chicks, and has grown to over one thousand hens a year! Our ladies are raised on rotating pasture in mobile coops, moving to new grass every few days. This allows our hens to peck, scratch, dust bathe, and forage for greens and insects. Quite frankly, the way we believe chickens should be raised. They are fed a non GMO feed milled in Vermont. Some people ask us why we have to give them grain at all: because chickens are not ruminants, unlike cows, chickens cannot get all their nutrition from grass alone.

During the winter, they migrate to our two spacious greenhouses, and have access to the outdoors when the weather permits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell laying hens or baby chicks?

We do not sell any of our hens or chicks when we have them. We receive our chicks from professional hatcheries, and do not retail them to the public.

Are your eggs certified organic?

At the moment, our flock is not certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. We only feed non-GMO and organic feed and abide by all other organic practices.

Is there soy in your feed?

Yes, our feed does contain soy.

Can I come and visit the chickens with my children?

Unfortunately, we have to limit the traffic from outside visitors to protect our flocks from disease. This is why we post so many pictures to our Facebook page of the hens and their activities.